How To Install CakePHP Version 3.0 On MAC OS X

CakePHP 3.0 has been released and now many Programmers like us trying to install CakePHP 3.0 and use it in there new Project.

But the big issue come in. As we know that CakePHP 3.0 have almost complete reform version, same with it’s dependency.

According to CakePHP manual, It’s Require few things to install which are:-

1. Composer

2. Development Server (Local Server)

3. php_intl Extension , This extension is the most important thing which require to install CakePHP 3.0

Most of the users use XAMPP as there Local Development Server. For Windows user it’s not an issue, But MAC OS x users face a big issue with XAMPP. CakePHP 3.0 don’t Find php_intl Extension, this is because XAMPP have removed this extension. Now what to do.


Techinfocomp have researched on this issue and found a permanent solution. We have moved from XAMPP to AMPPS (

AMPPS have all the extension which require to install and run CakePHP 3.0. 

Hope this can save lot’s of time.

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